Searching in WorkSpan


The search bar Screen_Shot_2018-08-13_at_2.03.01_PM.png on the homepage and on the top of several landing pages allows you to search in WorkSpan.

You can either search the entire WorkSpan network or select a specific module-e.g, campaigns, to search only within that module.

If you want to search the entire network:

  1. Enter one or more search terms in the search bar.
  2. Click enter. All relevant search results in all the modules are displayed in varied categories for easy visualization.

If you want to search within a specific module:

  1. Click Search All to view all the sections that you can narrow your search by.
  2. Select a section that you want to search in, e.g, solutions. All the solutions that you have access to are displayed.
  3. You can click any of the suggested results or type one or more search terms and click enter to see the results in that section.
Note: To search on reports, go to the Reports Landing page and enter search terms pertaining to the report that you are searching.
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