Editing an Opportunity


As an owner or a collaborator on an opportunity, you can update the following public fields on an opportunity that is common for all companies on an opportunity. 

  • Opportunity Description - Give brief information about the opportunity.
  • Account Name - Add the company/business name your organization has recognized as a potential prospect.
  • Partners - Add partner companies whom you want to partner with this opportunity.
  • Sourced By - Defines the origination of Opportunity.
  • Key Dates - Add Due date, start date/end date, etc. 
  • Comments - Collaborate easily with your team and partner users by adding comments.
  • Opportunity stage - Move stages as per the progress of an opportunity.
  • Action buttons - Configure action buttons for your users and partners to take quick actions from the opportunity page directly.

There are also some generic company and sales details available via the generic template. You can only edit these details in your company-specific panel.

Company Details:

  • Partner Manager
  • Product Category
  • Industry
  • Region
  • Country
  • Market Unit
  • Product
  • Service

Sales Details:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Sales Status
  • CRM Account Name
  • CRM Opportunity ID
  • Sales Stage
  • Close Date
  • Close Quarter

You can get an Opportunity Template configured to override the generic company and sales fields. To get a template configured, contact  WorkSpan Support by sending a mail to support@workspan.com or visiting support.workspan.com.

 Steps to "Edit an Opportunity"

  1. Navigate to the opportunity you want to edit from the Opportunity table view.


  1. Click “Edit” in the section that you want to update. In “Edit,” we have two options, as mentioned below:
    1. Edit button - On clicking this button, you can edit the entire section, i.e., fields in the “Opportunity Details” section and “Customer Section” section.


    1. Pencil icon - This will edit a sub-section or part of a section. For example, clicking on the 1st icon, the “Edit Opportunity Details: Opportunity Overview Details” screen opens. Now, you can edit “Account Name.” Similarly, click the 2nd and 3rd pencil icons to edit the fields in the respective sections.


  1. You can also Edit your specific company and sales details.


  1. You can also update the Key dates for the various stages of an Opportunity. The following attributes are:
    1. Single Date - It allows you to provide a date. For example, “Submit date” of an opportunity
    2. Date Descriptor - Give a description of the date intended to be used.
    3. Date - Pick a date from the calendar.
    4. Date Range -  It allows you to provide a range of dates.


  1. Click Save.
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