Editing an Opportunity



As an owner or a collaborator on an opportunity, you can update the following public fields on an opportunity that are common for all companies on an opportunity. 

  • Opportunity Description
  • Account Name
  • Partners
  • Sourced By
  • Influenced By
  • Key Dates

There are also some generic company details and sales details available via the generic template. You can only edit these details in your company specific panel.

Company Details:

  • Partner Manager
  • Product Category
  • Industry
  • Region
  • Country
  • Market Unit
  • Product
  • Service

Sales Details:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Sales Status
  • CRM Account Name
  • CRM Opportunity ID
  • Sales Stage
  • Close Date
  • Close Quarter

You can get an Opportunity Template configured to override the generic company and sales fields. To get a template configured, please contact WorkSpan Support.


  1. Navigate to the opportunity that you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit in the section that you want to update. Edit is only highlighted when you hover in that section.
  3. Edit <section name>screen opens.
  4. You can also edit your specific company and sales details.
  5. You can also update the dates for the various stages in the Customer Buying process.
  6. You can update the responses for your opportunity's progress. 
  7. Click Save.
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