Adding a Template



  1. Go to Home >Setup >Templates to navigate to the Templates Landing page.
  2. Click Templates + to open Add a Template page.

  3. Enter a Template Name.
  4. Select between Sales Plan, Solution, Opportunity, Marketing Plan (campaign) or Activity in Template For field.
  5. Select a Template Status. 
    1. If you share a template in the Draft status, users can validate and preview the templates

    2. If you share a template in the Published status, then, users can view this template in the drop-down for Add Opportunity, Add Sales Plan or Add Solution actions.

  6. In Who can use this template section, enter names or emails of people and/or companies that you want to share this template with.
    1. In Share with People section, you can select between Owner or Viewer access levels. More about access levels is available on the UI.
  7. Enter the Template Configuration details.
  8. Click Create.
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