Finding & Requesting to Join Objects in WorkSpan



In WorkSpan, users in your company or your partner companies can also find (search) and request to join one or more objects (partner programs, sales plans, solutions, marketing plans, activities, campaigns and programs) if an object has been shared with your company and/or your partner company. 

When Auto Accept Requests to Join is checked for an object in the Discoverability> Member Companies panel for each object, then, members of a company included in the object are added automatically as participants on that object. Owners can tailor access rights for all users on objects.

Owners can tailor access for each member company on an object. Owners on objects can set Yes or No for Can Employees Find and Request to Join in the Discoverability> Member Companies panel for each object.

  • If Yes is selectedthen, this object is listed in the Discover and Join view for the object, and any employee from the company can Request to Join. A limited object view is available to the users, before their request to join is accepted.
  • If No, then, only users that are directly added to the object by an existing member, can access the object.


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