Finding and Requesting to Join Objects in WorkSpan


In WorkSpan, you can also invite users from your partner companies to participate in your sales plans, solutions, campaigns and programs to encourage more participation, or publish content to partner companies or even all companies in your network.

Member companies are automatically added when a user from that company is added to the object. For example, if is added to an object, then Comet (company name) is also added to that object.

A company can also be directly added to an object, without explicitly inviting users from that company.

For each member company, you can set: Can Employees Find and Request to Join.

  • If Yes, then, this object is listed in the Shared with <Company name> views for that object, and any employee from the company can Request to Join. A limited object view is available to the users, before their request to join is accepted.
  • If No, then, only users that are directly added to the object by an existing member, can access the object.

Note: You can also search for an object and send a Request to Join message for one or more objects that you want to join.

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