Adding Expenses to Sales Plans, Solutions, Opportunities, Marketing Plans, Marketing Activities, and Partner Programs


Users in WorkSpan have the ability to easily create an expense and see the total budget based on those expenses. Expenses can be added to the following objects:

  • Sales Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Solutions
  • Opportunities
  • Activities
  • Partner Programs
  • Campaigns (For information about Campaign Expenses, a separate feature, please click here.)



  1. Navigate to the Sales Plans, Solutions Opportunities Marketing Plans, Marketing Activities, or Partner Programs to which you want to add an expense.
  2. Click Add Item drop-down and then click Add Expenses.
  3. When you click Add Expense, an expense form opens where you can add an expense.
  4. Select the Access control


There are two options for company-level access control on an expense:

  • Shared - This Expense can be seen by all* members of this object, regardless of their company. (*Note: Participant-level users can only see and edit their own Expenses.)
  • Private - This Expense can only be seen by users from the company of the Expense creator.

For example, if a user from Company A selects "Private", only users from Company A can see this expenses, assuming they are already members of the object. If you want to share your expenses with your partner(s) on this object, select "Shared."

  1.          expenses-1.png

  2. If the Access control  is "Private", a lock symbol Private-symbol.png will appear next to the Expense after  creation. The lock indicates that your partners cannot see this expense. Only users from your own company can see it.
  3. Enter a Name for the Expenses and continue to fill out the remaining fields. Some fields are required to save the Expense. You can always edit any of these fields later.
  4. You can attach Files and Links, such as receipts, invoices, and quotes, to the expense, as shown below:


  5.  Click Saveafter entering all the expense details in the expenses form

  6. To add more expenses to the Opportunity, click the Screen_Shot_2019-09-19_at_5.09.07_PM.png symbol in the Expenses tab.
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