Adding Expenses to Sales Plans, Solutions and Opportunities



You can easily add the expenses associated with reaching your sales goals. The expenses can include:

  • Salaries and commissions
  • Sales training
  • Sales tools
  • Contest prizes
  • Team building activities
  • Travel costs
  • Food


  1. Navigate to the Solution, Sales Plan, or Opportunity to which you want to add an expense.
  2. Click Add Item >Add Expense.

  3. Add Expense Item screen opens.
  4. Enter an Expense Item Name.
  5. Enter an Expense Description.
  6. Enter Unit Price.
  7. Enter Quantity.
  8. Enter Estimated Amount.
  9. Select an Expense Lead.
  10. Enter a Contracted Amount.
  11. Enter an Invoiced Amount.
  12. Enter Paid Amount.
  13. Optionally, add any contracts, invoices and/or payments.
  14. Click Add.


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