Sharing Your Sales Plans; Solutions, Opportunities and Assessments with Members


As an owner or a collaborator on a sales plan, solution, opportunity or assessment, you can:

  • Edit access levels for your team members
  • Withdraw a team member from a sales plan, solution, opportunity or assessment
  • View all members that have accepted your invite, those that have been invited, those requesting access, and those that have been withdrawn.


  1. Go to the sales plan, solution, opportunity or assessment that you want to edit sharing with members.
  2. Click Edit on the Team Members panel. Members: Colleagues, Partners, Agencies window opens. Edit is only enabled when you hover in the section header.


  3. To change an access level for a user, update the access level corresponding to the name of the member who's access level you want to update.
  4. To withdraw a member's access, select the checkbox to the left of the member name and click Withdraw.
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