Adding a New Integration


After receiving/downloading a Result Report from your source system, you can seamlessly add new integration details in WorkSpan to map entity data from your source system to WorkSpan objects- campaigns and activities.

Only people from your company can be owners of an integration and can use (connect to) the integration.

If an invalid file is emailed to your integration, an error will be shown on the History tab of the integration in WorkSpan but your data in WorkSpan will not be affected.


  1. Go to Home >Data >Integrations to navigate to the Integrations homepage. All your existing integrations are listed.
  2. Click Add New Integration button. Add New Integration screen opens.

  3. Select your source system.
  4. Enter a name and a description for your integration.

    Note: Give a unique and descriptive name to each integration. Include the platform name in each of the integration names.  If you have multiple integrations from your CRM, marketing automation, and/or other technology systems, unique names/descriptions will help in easy search/troubleshooting. In the description, copy and paste a link to the result report from your source system. That will help in troubleshooting any issues.

  5. Select Owners for your integration. Only people from your company can be owners of an integration.
  6. In Usable By field, you can select either everyone from your company or owners of the integration.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Upload a Sample Report.  Configure New Integration screen opens.

  9. Select a Sheet that has data, metric row, and entity column to import. Click Next.
  10. Select Result Columns to Import screen opens. Select the rows that you want to include depending on the metrics that you want to view. Click Create. You can also:
    1. Rename your metrics.
    2. Select appropriate types for your metrics. Your choices are:
      1. Text
      2. Number
      3. Currency: If you select currency, then also select the unit of the currency.
      4. Percentage: The unit has two options:
        1. As is: displays data as %. e.g, if data is 1.1, WorkSpan will display it as 1.1

        2. x 100: multiplies data by 100 before display. If data is 1.1, WorkSpan will treat it as 110%

      5. Date

  11. Configure E mail Destination window opens with an email address to where the integration details will be sent. Click Done. Your new integration is created that you can now connect to your campaign and/or activity. See Connecting an Integration to a Campaign
Note: A WorkSpan campaign or activity can have different results tracked in different source systems. To see data from those different source systems, you can create and connect different integrations to map data via result reports from various source systems to WorkSpan campaigns and activities.

If you have multiple campaigns with the same CRM-ID in your source system and you want to credit each campaign with the results, then, you can map each entity and result data from your source system to multiple campaigns or activities in WorkSpan.

Also See:

Edit an integration

Archiving an Integration

Archive an integration-you can also archive an integration by opening the integration and clicking the wastebasket.gif icon. A warning is shown if you want to continue as this archival process cannot be reversed.


Adding Comments in an Integration

You can add comments to an integration by opening the integration and clicking the addcomments.gif button.

Comments and Updates window opens.

Enter your comments and click Save.

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