Configurable Workflows and Stages for Objects in WorkSpan


You can add custom names and order for your stages in the solution or sales plan creation, opportunity management, marketing plan, or activity creation.

This allows you and your partners to get complete visibility into names and order of stages, stage transitions, and tasks assigned to each stage. You can only move a stage after all tasks in a previous stage are complete.

This feature further facilitates joint workflows to allow you and your partners to assign and monitor action items within your teams for each stage.

You can now configure the following for marketing plans, activities, solutions, sales plans, opportunities and Partner Programs:

  • Different workflows
  • Custom stages within each workflow
    • You can customize the names and order of the stages
  • Transitions associated to the different stages
    • Decide which transitions are allowed in which stage
    • Who can make one or more transitions
  • Tasks associated with each stage
    • You can preconfigure the tasks for each stage and only when all the tasks in a stage are completed, the stage can be moved

To get started, contact WorkSpan Support 

You can either use predefined workflows or create and use a new workflow via templates. 

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