Viewing an Existing Program


You can view any program to which you have access. Besides creating a program,  you might also have access to a program that has been shared with you or one that you have joined. 


  1. Navigate to the Program for which that you want to view details. Home> Programs > <Program Name>.
  2. The Strategy tab of the program contains the program objective/description; any endorsements; stage of the program; audience profile and seniority; program intent; historical data; program policy documents; key dates; reimbursement policy; any custom fields and other fields. You can also edit any section and add additional information that might have been not entered earlier during program creation.
  3. The Campaigns tab lists the campaigns associated to the program in various stages-Incoming; In Review; Pending Approval; Decision Made; Maybe Later; or Completed.
    1. You can also toggle to a calendar view or a table view. 
    2. You can move stages for campaigns; exclude campaigns from programs and assign tasks for a campaign from within a program.
  4. The Notes tab contains any notes added to the program. You can also add new notes to the program.
  5. The Tasks tab lists any tasks associated with the program. You can do all task related steps here and also add new tasks associated to the program here.
  6. The Claim Reimbursements tab lists any claims for the program in the various stages-Incoming; In Review; Approved or Rejected. You can export the claims in a table view to a  csv format.
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