Linking/Unlinking Opportunities in WorkSpan to CRM Opportunities


You can link/unlink opportunities in WorkSpan to your CRM opportunities, exclude opportunities, and add tasks to opportunities from within sales plans' and solutions' opportunity summary views.

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Linking an Opportunity in WorkSpan to Your CRM opportunity

After successfully loading CRM opportunities into the WorkSpan staging area using the WorkSpan ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process, you can link an opportunity in your sales plan or solution to any opportunity imported from your CRM application.


  1. Navigate to the solution or sales plan to which you want to link an opportunity from your CRM System.
  2. Click on the Opportunities tab, and all opportunities associated with the solution or sales plan are displayed.
  3. Click on the opportunity that you want to link. The opportunity opens on its Summary tab.
  4. Click More on the bottom right of the window.
  5. Click Link to CRM to link this opportunity to an opportunity in your CRM System. The Link To CRM Opportunity screen (Stagging Table) listing all opportunities in your CRM system opens.

    The Stagging table allows you to filter based on
    1. Show All: Will allow you to see both linked and unlinked opportunities.
    2. Show Only Linked: Will be able to see all linked opportunities to the workSpan opportunities from the CRM.
    3. Show Only Unlinked: You will be able to see all unlinked Opportunities, that you can link to the Opportunities in WorkSpan to CRM.

  6. Select the opportunity in your CRM system to which you want to link your WorkSpan opportunity and Click Next.
  7. You can now easily figure the opportunities linked from the CRM staging area and the opportunities created in WorkSpan in the "CRM Linked" column.
Note: If a partner manager does not have access to the linked opportunity of another partner, then he/she can only see the Opportunity ID  and name of the other partner managers, but no other information. Partner Managers can request to join the other opportunity to view more details or message the other Partner Managers.

Unlinking an Opportunity from Your CRM

You can unlink a previously linked opportunity from your CRM system too.

Click More and then click Unlink from CRM.


Excluding an Opportunity From a Sales Plan/Solution

You can also Exclude an opportunity from a Sales Plan and/or Solution by clicking Exclude.

The opportunity can be accessed from the Opportunities Listing page in case you want to include it at a later time.

Adding Tasks to Opportunities From a Sales Plan or Solution's Opportunity Summary Window

You can directly add one or more tasks to an opportunity in the Sales Plan/Solution Opportunity Summary Windows/View by clicking  +Task.

Create a Task screen opens. Enter the task details. See Adding Tasks

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