Creating a Marketing Plan


A Marketing Plan is an object in WorkSpan for collecting and tracking the activities, assets, objectives, and tasks for marketing a product or a service.

A Marketing Plan can also be used to track activities that span multiple products or services.

Marketing Plans can be shared with partners or they can be private to your company.

On WorkSpan, you can plan, create, and track your marketing plans collaboratively with your colleagues and partners.


  1. On the WorkSpan Homepage, navigate to the Joint Marketing App and select Marketing Plans. You are navigated to your Marketing Plans Landing page.
  2. To create a new plan, click +Marketing Plan. Create Marketing Plan window opens.
  3. Enter your Marketing Plan Name.
  4. The default first stage in your marketing plan's stages is selected. You can customize stages for your marketing plan too. 
  5. Optionally, enter a description and/or an objective for your plan and click Next.
  6. Select one or more roles, e.g, Analyst
  7. Select one or more industries.
  8. Select one or more functions/departments.
  9. Select one or more regions.
  10. Select one or more market units.
  11. Select one or more countries.
  12. Click Next to enter marketing plan details.
  13. Enter Marketing Plan Details such as an engagement brief; one or more partners; routes to market; classification; themes, product; and services. Click Next.
  14. You can now enter one or more metrics for your marketing plan.
  15. Select a Metric Name, for example, Leads, MQL, MTD Pipeline, etc.
  16. In Type, select between Number or Currency. If you select Currency, choose a currency.
  17. Enter your Goal.
  18. For the access control field, select between Shared or Private.
  19. You can choose to either manually enter results at regular intervals or select the toggle bar for automatically calculated results after you have added activities to your plan. Click Save. You can now share your plan.
  20. Select the Sharing Mode. The default mode is the Owner Mode. See More on Sharing Modes.
  21. In Share with People section, enter names or emails of people with whom you want to share your plan.
  22. In Share with Companies section, select or search amongst the listed companies in your network. Click Done.
  23. Click Create Marketing Plan to create a plan. 
  24. You can also add the following to your campaign:
    1. Activities
    2. Tasks
  25. You can also edit, clone (copy) and/or archive one or more marketing plans.

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