Adding an Activity


An activity is an individual component in a marketing plan, such as an action(s) that helps you achieve your marketing plan's goals.  An activity can be an event, a blog, a social promotion, a contest, or an advertisement.

Each activity should have measurable results, that can be tracked and help you identify the overall success of an activity.  

For example, industry conference activities could include:

  • Building an event website
  • Running an email campaign
  • Blogging post with CTA


  1. Click Home > Joint Marketing > Activities or click Activities within the marketing plan to which you'd like to add an activity. 
  2. Activities Landing page opens listing activities in the following sections:
    1. My Activities: activities created by you and those that you have accepted an invite to
    2. My Invites: activities shared with you but not yet accepted by you
    3. Discover and Join: activities shared with your company
    4. Archived Activities: all archived activities in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.  

  3. Click +Activity to create a new activity. If you want to use your template, select your template. e.g, AMD Activity Template.
  4. Select the marketing plans with which you want to associate this activity.
  5. Enter an activity name.
  6. Optionally, enter a description.
  7. Optionally, enter an activity lead. Click Next.
  8. Enter one or more channels for this activity. This is where your activity will take place or will be published. You can select multiple channels. For example, Value Added Reseller (VAR)
  9. Enter an activity type. For example, Proof of Concept.
  10. Select one or more regions. For example, North America.
  11. Optionally, enter one or more tags.
  12. Enter activity start and end dates.
  13. Select asset development start date.
  14. Select a draft deadline.
  15. Click Next.
  16. In Partners & Members section, your company name is selected by default as a partner.
  17. In Member section, some members will be automatically added to your activity. As an owner of an activity, you can see/update the role of one or more members to owner, collaborator, participant, or viewer
  18. Click Create an Activity. Successful message is shown. The activity is put in the proposed stage by default. You can assign one or more tasks to one or more stages in an activity. Only when all tasks in a stage are complete, can a stage be moved. An activity can have the following stages:
    1. Proposed-the default first stage
    2. In Design
    3. Approvals
    4. In Execution
    5. Completed
  19. You can add a file, link, content item, task, or expense to an activity. You can associate a task with a stage in an activity. See Adding Files, Links, Content Items, Tasks and/or Expenses.
  20. You can also add an endorsement or request an endorsement for an activity. See Requesting Endorsements
  21. You can also Add Activity Details.
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