Linking an Activity to Opportunities, Solutions and Marketing Plans


Activities can be linked to marketing plans, opportunities and solutions to generate leads that can be pursued by you and your partners.

You can easily link activities to marketing plans, opportunities and solutions to identify and generate reports for complete ROI from your joint marketing plans-by connecting marketing spend to the generated pipeline and revenues.

Multiple activities can be linked to a marketing plan, an opportunity or to a solution.


  1. Navigate to an activity that you want to link to a solution, an opportunity or a marketing plan.

  2. You can view all solutions, opportunities and marketing plans currently associated with this activity by navigating to the corresponding tab.


  3. Click the pencil icon corresponding to the section to open the Add object (for example, Add Solutions) window opens.
  4. Select the solutions, opportunities or marketing plans that you want to add. Click Add. The selected object is linked to the activity.
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