Change Log


You can get a quick summary snapshot of all the recent updates to your objects by navigating to the Change Log section.

This is an audit log of updates to the object including:

  • Field updates such as a Stage change
  • Updates to linked child objects e.g. if an Opportunity is added or removed from a Sales Plan, or an Activity is added or removed from a Marketing Plan
  • Membership updates - who has been added/withdrawn/access level updates
  • Task updates - The task has been added/deleted/assigned/task status is updated
  • Resource updates - Resource is added/deleted



  1. Go to the object Overview page.
  2. Go to the Change Log section.
  3. You can filter the Change Log by All Changes; Pipeline; Resources; Tasks; Membership. 
  4. For active items, you can click the row to view details.
  5. For items that have been completed, removed, or archived, you are not redirected.
  6. You can click on the picture icon to send a message to the member.
  7. For membership updates, you can click the row to open the Members: Colleagues, Partners, and Agencies page to view the details.
  8. You can navigate to the tasks or resources for the opportunity from within the change log for in-context engagement. The exact item (task/resource) opens.
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