Adding Comments/Viewing the Change Log For Your Opportunities


A Comments/Change Log section on the opportunities page allows you to add comments and view the change log to get a quick summary snapshot of the recent updates to your opportunities.

To add comments to your opportunities:

See: Adding Comments

The change log includes system-generated activities such as direct updates to the opportunity and associated sales plans/solutions/partner programs, membership updates such as who got added, who got withdrawn (revoked), etc., and updates for tasks/resources related to the opportunity.

The change log for opportunities can be further filtered by the sales plans/solutions/partner programs pipeline that includes all updates to the associated solutions/sales plans/partner programs and vice versa.

Note: To quickly engage with team members on the Change Log, you can click on their profile icons to send direct messages.

Tracking Your Activities on the Change Log


  1. Navigate to the opportunity for which you want to view the Change Log.
  2. Go to the Comments/Change Log section.

  3. You can filter the Change Log by All Changes; Pipeline; Resources; Tasks; Membership.
  4. For active items, you can click the row to view details.
  5. For items that have been completed, removed, or archived, you are not redirected.
  6. You can click on the picture icon corresponding to an item to send a message to the member.
  7. For membership updates, you can click the row to open the Members: Colleagues, Partners, and Agencies page to view the details.
  8. You can navigate to the tasks or resources for the opportunity from within the change log for in-context engagement. The exact item (task/resource) window opens in context.
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