Can I clone (copy) another user's access rights on objects in WorkSpan?


An administrator of your company can clone any employee's access rights and grant them to another user in one or more objects.

An admin can access the Employees section under  the Companies menu and then go to Manage Teams.


  1. In Type of Member Operation field, select Add person-B wherever Person-A exists. Person B will receive access to all the elements that A has access to for the selected objects. Managemembers.gif
  2. Select the Time Frame to further segment the objects by time periods, e.g, currently active or active in the last 3 months, that you want to add for a selected user.
  3. Select the Person A.
  4. Select the Person B.
  5. Select one or more objects in Make Changes In.

You can also replace a user's access using the option Replace Person-A with Person-B, wherever Person-A exists. Person B will receive access to all the objects that Person A has access to, and Person A will be removed. 

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