How can I remove a person in my company from WorkSpan?


To honor business changes in your company such as users changing roles, leaving the company, etc. we allow company admins in your company to suspend access for any employee(s).

As a Company Admin, you can suspend (remove, lock) access for any employee in your company in WorkSpan.


  1. Click your picture or picture icon on top right and Click My Company Profile.

  2. Companies screen opens. Navigate to the Employees section.
  3. When you hover over an employee's name, a suspend button will appear under the action column that you can click to suspend access to an employee. This will lock the employee's account and he/she will not be able to log on to WorkSpan anymore. suspendemployeeaccess.gif


Note: You can restore a suspended user's rights by going to the Inactive tab and clicking restore corresponding to the user name that you want to restore.
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