How to Delete/Remove a User in WorkSpan?


To honor business changes in your company such as users changing roles, leaving the company, etc. we allow company admins in your company to suspend access for any employee(s).

As a Company Admin, you can suspend (remove, lock) access for any employee in your company in WorkSpan.


  1. Click your picture or picture icon on the top right and click “My Company Profile”.

  1. On the Companies page, click “Users”.

  1. Manage your company users from My Company Users and Partner Company Users from the Users section. Select the user you choose to remove. 

  1. You will now land on the selected user dashboard. Click, “Suspend” at the top right corner. 

  1. To confirm the action, click “Suspend”.

Note: A deleted user can't access any of your organization’s services, and the system deletes their data.
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