How can I setup a Joint Sales Plan on WorkSpan?


You can go to Home > Joint Sales > Sales Plans and create a sales plan in WorkSpan to collaborate with your partners on your joint sales pipeline. 

  • In Planning is the initial default stage for your sales plan. To configure other stages, tasks and transitions associated with each stage in your sales plan, contact WorkSpan Support.
  • Select the sharing mode for your sales plan.
  • Configure the metrics for your sales plans and review them with your partner alliance managers to monitor and measure success. Each metric has a target (goal in WorkSpan) and actual (results in WorkSpan).
  • Enter joint objectives and/or accomplishments.
  • Add or request endorsements.
  • Add custom and company fields.
  • Associate tasks and/or opportunities.
  • Add files/links/expenses and other content.

See the steps on Creating a New Sales Plan

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