New Work Center on WorkSpan Homepage


The new Work Center on the WorkSpan Homepage has been added for easy and intuitive navigation to quickly take you where you want to go and do the tasks that you want to do.

The first release comes with the following features:

  • Inline approvals/declines of all requests such as fund requests; claim requests; invites; endorsements; etc.
  • Real-time updates- all data in the Work Center will update in real-time. The change indicators for each section will immediately refresh when new data for that particular section is available.
  • Activity log at the global level- to notify you of the changes made to an object. This is for notification only and includes:
    • Name of the user who made the change
    • Object Name
    • Type of Change
    • Date
  • Indicators for completed tasks.


Click the Requests button to see all your requests such as Approvals; Endorsements; Invites and Partnerships. You can toggle between Approvals; Invitations and Endorsements.

You can:

  • Approve or reject one or more requests such as a funding request or a claim request.
  • Accept or decline one or more invitations without having to navigate anywhere else.
  • Endorse or decline requests for endorsement.


Click the Tasks button to see all the tasks created by you; assigned by you; or assigned to you. These are only the tasks that are in live status (not in Will Not Do or Done statuses). You can easily mark a task as done in this view too. 

Click View All to navigate to your My Tasks page. 


Click the Inbox button to go to messages exchanged between you and people in your network and to view any comments. To send messages, you can click on the picture of anyone in your alliance anywhere in the WorkSpan App. Similarly, you can add comments to one or more comment threads too.


Click Notifications to view one or more notifications related to one or more objects, tasks or any other entity in which you are involved.


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