Staying Up-To-Date with the WorkCenter


The WorkCenter, located in the navigation bar of the WorkSpan Platform, is a great way to keep updated on the latest partner activity through a real-time notification feed.

The WorkCenter aggregates all incoming requests (approvals, invitations, and endorsements), tasks that are due, inbound messages & comments, and notifications of actions taking place on relevant objects -- all in one central location.

Quick Links


  1. Click the Requests button to see all your requests such as Approvals; Endorsements; Invites and Partnerships.
    1. For Approvals, you can filter by stage too. For example, Fund Requests (Decision Made; Incoming) and Incoming Claims
  2. Click the Approvals, Invitations, or Endorsements tabs to toggle between these sections. 
  3. In the Requests tab, you can complete activities including:
  • Approve or reject one or more requests such as a funding request or a claim request.
  • Accept or decline one or more invitations without having to navigate anywhere else.
  • Endorse or decline requests for endorsement.
Note: Click on a notification to view more details.

You can filter the Approvals by different stages too. You can filter by Fund Requests and Incoming Claims.
You can further filter Fund Requests by different stages such as Decisions Made and Incoming.


You can also Approve a fund request from the Requests tab in work center in WorkSpan Homepage. When you decline a campaign it will take you back into the work center.



  1. Click the Tasks button to see all the tasks created by you; assigned by you; or assigned to you. You can also filter your tasks by: Assigned to me(default); Assigned by me; Watching, All
  2. To mark a task as done, hover over the task and click the Mark as Done button.
  3. Click View All at the top left of the tasks tab to navigate to your My Tasks page. To learn more about tasks, click here.
Note: Only tasks with To-Do, In Progress, or Paused statues will appear.



1. Click the Inbox button to view all your direct messages and all your comments.

2. Within your Inbox, click the Messages tab to send direct messages to anyone in your ecosystem.

3. Within your Inbox, click the Comments tab to view all your comments. To learn more about collaborating with your team in WorkSpan, click here.


Click the Notifications button to view all your notifications related to your Sales Plans, Solutions, Funds, and/or Campaigns. All your notifications are filtered, in real time, under the Notifications tab. Each notification includes a brief description, date/time of action, associated team member, and a direct link to the object for more information about the action.

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