Creating an Assessment


Assessments are precursors or evaluation criteria compiled via questionnaires to determine if opportunities/solutions need to be built/pursued/progressed in their workflows or not.

An assessment questionnaire can be configured by one user and answered by other users allowing different points of views of different users to be seen together to align teams and determine future courses, for example, building solutions.


Setup your Assessments Template. To help configure templates for assessments, contact WorkSpan Support

  • You can have specific custom fields for Assessments.
  • You can also specify Assessment Questionnaire per solution. Each solution can have a different set of questions. All responses are required when an assessment is created.
  • A single assessment template can be used for creating multiple assessments. When multiple solutions are selected, each solution will have a separate assessment.


  1. Click Joint Sales >Assessments. Assessments Listing page opens. You can also create assessments from within an opportunity page and from a solution page.

  2. Assessment Listing page opens.
  3. Click +Assessment. Select your template from which you want to build an Assessment. Create an Assessment screen opens. (Steps listed below are for the generic WorkSpan default template).createassessment.gif
  4. Enter an Account Name.
  5. Partner field is entered by default. This is your company name.
  6. Select one or more solutions that you want to associate to this assessment. A total of five solutions can be selected. A separate assessment is generated for each solution that you select.
  7. Click Next. Assessment questionnaire(s) related to the solution(s) that you select opens.
  8. Select amongst the options- Yes, No, Don't Know as responses for the questions. Click Next. Assessment results are calculated in % from your responses.
  9. You can do the following after creating an assessment:
    1. Create an opportunity by navigating to the Strategy page of the assessment and click Create under Opportunity Name in the Assessment Details section. See Creating an Opportunity
    2. Create and associate solutions to assessments. See Creating Solutions
    3. Associate one or more tasks to assessments. See Associating Tasks
    4. Associate one or more files, links, content items and/or expenses to your assessment. See Adding Items
    5. Share your assessment. See Sharing Assessments
    6. Clone an assessment. See Cloning Assessments
    7. Archive an assessment. See Archiving Assessments
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