Updating an Assessment


As an assessment owner, you can update an assessment in WorkSpan. You can edit assessment details such as Description; Account Name and Partner.

You can also update your assessment responses.

You cannot update the owner, the template or the creation date for an assessment.


In the Team Members panel, you can:

  • Update access levels for members in your assessment
  • Remove (Withdraw) one or more members from an assessment

See: Updating Access levels for members & Withdrawing members

In the Discoverability >Member Companies panel, you can:

  • Update the sharing mode for your assessment
  • Add more companies to your assessment
  • Update if employees in a company can find and request to join the assessment

See: Update sharing modes, add companies & make assessment discoverable


  1. Navigate to the assessment that you want to edit. Go to Joint Sales >Assessments. Assessments Listing Page opens.
  2. Click the Assessment name that you want to update.
  3. Click the pencil icon in any section that you want to edit. The section opens.

  4. Make your changes and save.
  5. The assessment results will update based on your updates.
Note: To update an assessment from within an opportunity, go to the opportunity. Navigate to the Assessments tab and click the pencil icon. Edit Linked Assessments screen is shown. Click an assessment id/name to navigate to the assessment that you want to edit. You can also link one or more assessments to the opportunity by clicking +Assessments on this window.
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