Overview of Assessments


Assessments allow you to evaluate leads or opportunities and solutions in WorkSpan.

WorkSpan Administrators in your company can define assessment templates that consist of questions with scored responses.

Note: Assessments App is an add-on module. Contact WorkSpan Support, to enable assessments for your organization.

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Templates for Assessments

For your custom needs, use a template for your assessments. (For help with setting up templates for assessments, contact WorkSpan Support) and begin using it to create assessments.

Assessment templates include a scoring model and recommendations.

These assessment templates can then be used by users to create new assessments.

Assessments consist of the following components:

  • Questions

  • Responses

  • Scores

You can build assessment questionnaires to enable your partners at scale, drive fast and effective account qualification via WorkSpan's new Assessments App.

These questionnaires are customizable and can be tailored by solutions, by regions and by other criteria pertinent to you.

You can view responses to your questions via a heat-map in the table view besides a list view.

You can pursue a single assessment for a single opportunity or a single solution.

WorkSpan's robust access controls allow you to restrict visibility to a specific partner/team members.

Reviewers can provide in-context comments and guidance to assessment owners based on scores.

Depending on your answers, % scores are generated for each assessment. You can create an opportunity from within an assessment.

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