Sharing an Assessment


As an owner, you can easily share your assessment with your partners and colleagues for easy and timely collaboration, openness, and for building trust.

An assessment questionnaire can be configured by one user and answered by other users allowing different points of views of different users to be seen together to align teams and determine future courses, for example, building solutions.

To share an assessment with one or more companies, or with one or more people in your network, see the following steps. 


  1. Navigate to the assessment that you want to share.
  2. Click the Share Assessment button shareassessment.gif. The Share Assessment screen opens.

  3. Owner mode is the default mode for sharing assessments. If you want other members of this assessment to be able to share the assessment, choose the Partner mode.
  4. In Share with People section, enter names or emails of people in your network with whom you want to share this assessment.
  5. In Share with Companies section, select one or more companies in your network with whom you want to share this assessment.
  6. Click Done.

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