Cloning a Report


As a report owner, you can easily clone (copy) a report.

The selection criteria from the original report-selected items or dynamic query criteria are copied by default to the cloned report.

You can also choose to copy the following sections of an existing report to ease the process of creating a new report:

  • Saved views and charts
  • Shared with people
  • Shared with companies


  1. Navigate to the report that you want to clone or on the report listing page, click the clone icon on the report name row of the report that you want to clone.

  2. Or, Open the report and click More Options >Clone. 
  3. Clone a Report window opens.

  4. Optionally, update the report name and enter a description.
  5. In Areas to copy, the following sections are checked by default:
    1. Shared with People
    2. Shared with Companies
    3. Saved Views and Charts
  6. Uncheck a section that you do not want to copy.
  7. Click Clone.
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