Creating Workflows for Marketing Plans and Activities


You can create a workflow for marketing plans and activities.

Each workflow comes with some default (out-of-the box) stages that you can use as is, customize, edit or delete.

The Marketing Plan Workflow has the following three default stages:

  • In Planning
  • In Execution
  • Closed

Activities Workflow has the following three default stages:

  • Proposed
  • Planned
  • In Design


  1. Navigate to Home >Setup >Workflows. Workflows Listing page opens.
  2. Go to the Marketing Plans or Activities section and click + corresponding to the section for which you want to create a workflow. Marketing Plans is being used as an example here. You can follow this process for activities workflow too.
  3. Create Marketing Plan Workflow screen opens.

  4. Enter Workflow name and description (optional).
  5. In Who can use this workflow? section, Share with People, enter names of people with whom you want to share this workflow. Viewer access level is chosen by default. You can select between owner and viewer for each person with whom you want to share.
  6. In Share with Companies section, enter name of companies with which you want to share this workflow. Click Next to move to the next screen containing default stages.

  7. You can update stage name and add default (mandatory and optional) steps like adding tasks, inviting users, etc. to each stage in the workflow.

  8. Click Add Task to add one or more mandatory (required) and optional tasks to this stage. All mandatory tasks will need to be completed to move the stage. 

  9. Click Invite Users to invite one or more users to this stage of your workflow

  10. Click Edit Field Privacy to select fields and make selected fields public and accessible to all users.
  11. Click Set Required Fields to make some fields mandatory to capture the needed information.
  12. You can save the workflow as a draft or activate the workflow. Once active, the workflow is ready to be associated with a template. Contact WorkSpan Support to help with template configuration.
  13. After your template is configured, you can begin using this workflow to create a marketing plan/activity.
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