Adding Assets, Notes, Tasks and Comments to Campaigns


You can add Notes, Assets, Tasks and Comments to campaigns to enhance collaboration and communication with your team members.

Adding Notes

Adding Assets

Adding Tasks

Adding Comments

Adding Notes

As a campaign owner, collaborator or a participant, you can add notes that can be shared with your collaborators across teams and companies.

Notes can be as varied as information about this campaign that you need to share (e.g., deadlines, policy documents, travel details, venue locations, photos, etc.)

Notes can also be used to record links from Twitter, Facebook and Web articles.

  1. Navigate to the campaign to which you want to add notes.
  2. Go to the Notes section. You can view all existing notes added to the campaign.
  3. To add a new note, click + or Add New Note.
  4. Add a note and save.

Adding Assets to Campaigns

Go to the Assets section of the campaign. Click + to add a new asset.

See Adding Assets

You can also edit existing assets and archive assets that you no longer want to keep.


Adding Tasks to Campaigns

Go to the Tasks section of a campaign and click Add Task to assign a task to a team member.

Only one member can be assigned to a specific task at one time.

See Overview of Tasks


 Adding Comments to Campaigns


  1. Click the three vertical dots in any section in a campaign to see all actions.  
  2. Click the  “+” sign to enter your comments.
  3. Click Save. 
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