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A “Config” is like a custom mapping for a templated spreadsheet of data from your data source or CRM. It translates data in your spreadsheet columns to the correct fields in WorkSpan, so your data comes in squeaky clean. You can use this over and over to import data in a repetitive structure. Complete custom mapping once, and your data can seamlessly import.


 Locate A Config and Import Data

1. Click into the master navigator in the top right and select “Data Import” from the options


2. From the “Data Imports” page, click into the existing Config you want to use to Submit your Job, or upload your data. 


3. Click “Submit a Job” to use the existing Config to import data in the bottom right of Config tab.


4. Choose the Object you’re importing

5. Select a Template for your import

6. Prepare to load your data
** Note: For a successful upload, use .xls file type, not xlsx **
^^ Guide to convert xlsx file to xls

Ensure your data is formatted correctly, as per the data import template here:  (use this spreadsheet template to format your imports)

7. Click “Attach Data File” to import your data
** Again, note: For a successful upload, use .xls file type, not xlsx **


8. Once your file is uploaded, choose the object to match records by, like Account Name


9. Set your Sharing Settings, by designating Owners, Users, and Companies to whom should have access. Then, click “NEXT” → Your data will not yet be imported – you’re almost there!


Click “NEXT” → Your data will not yet be imported – you’re almost there!

10.  In the final page of importing your data, review your data and click “Save & Submit Job”

And, you’ve done it!

You can go to the Jobs Page and see your import history there.

 Let us know if you have questions by emailing or leverage one of our other support channels to get in touch. We’re happy to help!


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