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WorkSpan’s new Partner Programs App gives you a holistic view across all your marketing, sales and solutions partnering motions.

You can track metrics across all your partners, and accurately measure ROI as you get visibility into the joint marketing and revenues from joint solutions and joint sales deals.

These powerful partner metrics help drive engagement, and accelerate desired business outcomes.

The Partner Programs App helps you manage different partnership activities such as:

  • Joint solution efforts to bring new solutions to market
  • Joint marketing activities to build market awareness and generate leads for these offerings
  • Joint sales to enable sales organizations across your and your partner’s organization to collaboratively sell these offerings and accelerate revenues.

You can now easily get a complete picture of a partner program or even within a single partnership.

Note: Owners of partner programs are sent partnership reports that includes name(s) and count of partnerships and count of objects, e.g, solutions, sales plans, assets and opportunities for each partnership.

Navigating to the Partner Programs App

Navigation: Home > Network > Partner Programs


On the Partner Programs listing page, you can view all your partner programs in the following categories:

  • My Partner Programs: Partner Programs created by you and accepted by you.
  • My Invites: Partner Programs that you have been invited to (shared with you), but not yet accepted by you.
  • Discover and Join: Partner Programs shared with your company that you can join.
  • Archived Partner Programs:  All archived partner programs in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.


You can also:

  • Search all partner programs or refine your search by access level.
  • Toggle between list view and table view for your partner programs.
  • View the team members and companies on each program and your access level on each program.
  • Depending on your access level, navigate to the details of any partner program.

Click a Partner Program (e.g, WS-4034) to open the program and see the program details.


Adding and Sharing Videos, Assets, Partner Program Guide

You can seamlessly add and share videos, enablement content, your GTM strategy or any other assets that you want to share with your partners in the Overview section of the Partner Program App.

You can add a Partner Program Guide in the Content Library and then link it from your partner program too.

Your partners can also reach out and engage with each other directly and collaborate closely on sales opportunities, solutions and sales plans to accelerate their deal velocity, and increase win rates.

Partner Programs tab has been added to the Solutions, Sales Plans and Opportunities Landing pages from where you can easily add new partner programs and view all existing partner programs.

Program owners can also do the following actions and also configure the copy to be included with each action:

  • Find Partners- search for one or more partners that you want to sell with; market with; or build with. See Finding Partners
  • Find Solutions- search one or more solutions in your program.
  • Find Sales Plans- search for existing sales plans that you can nominate your opportunities to.
  • Register Solutions- add your solutions for participation. See Registering Solutions
  • Upload Assets- share your assets with your partners on this program.
  • Register Opportunities-register your opportunities and get closing. See Registering Opportunities
  • Create Sales Plans-plan with your partners and track joint objectives and goals.

Your partners can:

  • Access your program to define and track respective contribution metrics and measure the partnership from their lens (KPIs that are important for them)
  • Engage with other partners in the program, using standard WorkSpan collaboration features including direct messaging and comments

Solution Recommendations

You can easily configure Solution Recommendations for your partner programs. For a particular opportunity, partners can see recommended solutions matched on varied opportunity attributes like a region, an industry and/or a customer segment.

Solution owners can also manually tag partner solutions that are a good match as complementary solutions.

Solution Recommendations allow you and your partners to easily find complementary or matching solutions that help make overall deal value proposition more compelling for your end users and increases win rates.

See More on Solution Recommendations in Your Partner Programs

Partner Profiles in Partner Programs

To enable you to discover new business connections and partnerships with common business interests, you can search and find partner companies that have registered their profiles and interests on WorkSpan.

If you are a member on a partner program, you can go to the Partner Program > Partner Profiles tab to view all partners and their profiles on a partner program.

  • This profile can be a partner company's standard profile or a profile prescribed by a partner program that the company is part of. This includes the company’s expertise and competencies as it relates to the partner program.
  • This company’s profile can be accessed from anywhere in WorkSpan, including any partnering activities that have been publicly shared across the WorkSpan network.
  • Partners with common interests, complementary expertise, interest in similar partner programs, and with alignment on shared business objectives can be easily matched. 

See More on Partner Profiles

Sharing Templates for Linked Sales Plans, Solutions and Opportunities in Partner Programs

Templates used for configuring the object fields and workflows can also be shared with partner program members.

  • On the templates for each object in WorkSpan, Share with Partner Programs has been added as an option.
    • Share with Partner Programs only shows the list of partner programs that the template owner is a member of.
  • You can have multiple templates for sales plans, solutions or opportunities in WorkSpan. To be accessible to users, partner program option needs to be checked for each template.
  • When users are accepted to the partner program, the templates that have Share with Partner Program option checked, are automatically available to users in the Create workflow for each of these objects.
  • When users leave the partner program or are withdrawn from the program, the template access is also removed.
For example, If only one solution template for the partner program had the Share with Partner program option checked, then, the user is taken directly in the Create workflow. If there are multiple solution templates that have the Share With Partner Program option checked, then, a user will see a list of all the templates and can select one.
Note: Even if a partner program is shared with and is discoverable to a company, users from that company have to implicitly request to join the program and will only get access to the templates after being granted access.

Also See:

Creating a Partner Program

Enter your program objective; select industry, region where you want to run your program and product and services associated to the program. See Creating a Partner Program

Adding Files/Links/Content Items and Tasks to a Partner Program

You can add files, links, content items (assets) and tasks to your partner programs. See Adding Files, Links/Content

Adding/Editing/Deleting Metrics for Your Partner Program

You can add one or more metrics to your partner programs to see the progress of your partner program.

Enter/Select one or more metrics for your partner programs. For example, you can select Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR); Annual Contract Value (ACV), Total Contract Value (TCV) or any other metric that you want to measure/view for your partner program. See Adding, Editing, Deleting Metrics

Adding Assets to Your Partner Program

You can add assets in the Content Library and then select and link up to six content items to your partner program. You can add a Partner Program Guide in the Content Library and then link it from your partner program too. See Adding Assets to Your Partner Program

Assigning Tasks to Partner Program

You can add and assign tasks in your partner programs. See Assigning Tasks

Sharing Your Partner Program

You can easily share a partner program with one or more of your partners for easy collaboration on a program.

If a partner program has been created in the Owner Mode, then, if you are an owner or a collaborator on a program, you can seamlessly share the program with your partners using WorkSpan's Share Partner Program feature.

If a partner program has been created in the Partner Mode, then, you can share a program as a participant too.

You can also add key dates and comments to your partner program by navigating to your partner program. Go to the Key Dates or Comments panel to enter dates and/or comments. See Sharing Your Program

Adding/Linking Solutions to Partner Programs

To add new or link your existing solutions to your partner program. To link a solution that you have previously added, click Link Existing and select the solution(s) that you want to link to. See Linking Solutions to Partner Programs

Adding/Linking Sales Plans to Partner Programs

To add new or link your existing sales plans to your partner program. To link to a sales plan that you have previously added, click Link Existing and select the sales plan(s) that you want to link to. See Linking Sales Plans to Partner Programs

Adding/Linking Opportunities to Your Partner Programs

To add new or link your existing opportunities to your partner program. To link to an opportunity that you have previously added, click Link Existing and select one or more opportunities that you want to link to. See Linking Opportunities to Partner Programs

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