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With Partner Programs App, you can model and execute your ecosystem programs and partnerships directly in WorkSpan. You now have a 360-degree view of all your partnering motions - Build-with, Market-with, and Sell-with, in a consolidated place. No more building of disparate reports and dashboards to understand the health of your partnership or your ecosystem program!

You can build and track metrics across any partner activity in that program, and accurately measure ROI. You have real-time visibility into the spend on joint solution development and marketing activities, and revenues from the joint sales motions, right when you land on the partner program page.

A Partner Program can be:

  • Home of a strategic partnership - launch and track joint solutions, plan and execute marketing activities, build pipeline and drive sales engagements with a strategic partner across multiple regions.
  • Home of an ecosystem program - multi-partner programs that can be tailored to a specific partner type such as Incentive programs for Channel partners, or a partner-to-partner program that includes partners across all types and tiers (System Integrators, ISVs, Resellers) designed to drive collaboration and engagement across partners. 
Note: Owners of partner programs are sent partnership reports that include the name(s) and count of partnerships and count of objects, such as solutions, sales plans, assets and opportunities for each partnership.

Navigating to the Partner Programs App

Navigation: Home > Network > Partner Programs


On the Partner Programs listing page, you can view all your partner programs in the following categories:

  • My Partner Programs: Partner Programs created by you and accepted by you.
  • My Invites: Partner Programs that you have been invited to (shared with you), but not yet accepted by you.
  • Discover and Join: Partner Programs shared with your company that you can join.
  • Archived Partner Programs:  All archived partner programs in which you have participated. These can be unarchived or deleted.


Click a Partner Program to open the program and see the program details.

You can run joint pipeline reviews on a shared screen and be confident that your private fields are not shared with your partners with the "Show Private Fields" toggle. Any private data including fields and metrics will be hidden from all the pages including overview pages and table views. This user setting is persistent across the application and across sessions.

NOTE: The toggle will hide private fields but does not hide rows. In order to ensure that you are only sharing rows that the partner has access to, you should filter the Member Company column to the Partner company before starting the screen share.


Configure Partner Program Homepage

As a program owner, you can configure the partner program homepage to deliver enablement and training content for your partners, publish targeted actions for partners to engage in the program, designed to deliver the business outcomes for your program and for your partners.

  • Add Enablement Content - there are multiple places where you can insert content for your partners to access when they land on the program page
    • Program Overview: Provide a program overview to your partners. This could be a video or a presentation. 
      • In order to insert this program overview, the content must be first uploaded to the Content Library. This content library asset must also be attached directly as an asset to this Partner Program.
      • Next, you click on the pencil edit icon in the top right corner of the section and select this content library item in the Program Overview field.
    • Program Materials: Use this tab on the program page to highlight key program assets and templates to your partners. Examples of such assets could be: GTM Templates, Industry Best Practices. 
      • All the program material assets must be first uploaded to the Content Library. These content library assets must also be attached directly as assets to this Partner Program.
      • Next, you click on the pencil edit icon in the top right corner of the section and select the content library items in the Select and Arrange Program Materials settings. You can also re-order the sequence of Program Materials to be displayed on the tab.
    • Start Guide: This guide is intended to publish training content to your partners. 
      • Again, the Start Guide must be first uploaded to the Content Library. This content library asset must also be attached directly as an asset to this Partner Program.
      • Next, you click on the gear icon on the top right hand corner of the page and select the content item in the Program Guide field.
      • The Start Guide however would typically include multiple content items (files or links) with the sequence of trainings. Clicking on the Start Guide button explodes this list out for the partner to review.
  • Get Started Actions - Program owners configure the actions that are most relevant for their program in the Get Started tab of the program page. You can select from any of the following actions and can also tailor the copy associated with each action to align with the messaging of your program:
    • Find Partners- search for one or more partners that you want to sell with; market with; or build with. This is typically a primary action for a partner-to-partner program. See Finding Partners
    • Find Solutions- search one or more solutions in your program. 
    • Find Sales Plans- search for existing sales plans that you can nominate your opportunities to.
    • Register Solutions- add your solutions for participation. See Registering Solutions
    • Upload Assets- share your assets with your partners on this program.
    • Register Opportunities-register your opportunities and get closing. See Registering Opportunities
    • Create Sales Plans-plan with your partners and track joint objectives and goals
  • Add Featured Partners and Solutions - Enable more connections, drive more engagement in partner-to-partner programs by enabling featured partners and featured solution sections on the program homepage. 



1. Open the partner program where you are an Owner.
2. Navigate to the gear icon on the top right corner of the program page, click on the Configure Partner Program option, and check Enable Featured Partners and Enable Featured Solutions.

Featured Partners and Featured Solutions card will show up on your Overview page. 

Click on the Add Partner or Add Solution button to list partners and solutions in these cards. You can update these featured partners and solutions on a periodic cadence to highlight the top performing partners and solutions at any given time.


Partners can request to join the solution, by clicking on the solution to access the solution overview page, which will then establish a connection between the requesting partner and solution owner partner.

To remove the featured partners or solutions, you can click on the edit icon seen next to featured partners or solutions and click on the close symbol ' x'.


Solution Recommendations

A partner program can be configured to leverage the Solution Recommendations feature. For a particular opportunity, partners can see recommended solutions matched on opportunity attributes such as a region, industry, customer segment. 

Solution owners can also manually tag partner solutions that are a good match as complementary solutions.

Solution Recommendations allow you and your partners to easily find complementary or matching solutions that help make overall deal value proposition more compelling for your end-users and increases win rates.

See More on Solution Recommendations in Your Partner Programs

Partner Profiles in Partner Programs

To enable you to discover new business connections and partnerships with common business interests, you can search and find partner companies that have registered their profiles and interests on WorkSpan.

If you are a member of a partner program, you can go to the Partner Program > Partner Profiles tab to view all partners and their profiles on a partner program.

  • This profile can be a partner company's standard profile or a profile prescribed by a partner program that the company is part of. This includes the company’s expertise and competencies as it relates to the partner program.
  • This company’s profile can be accessed from anywhere in WorkSpan, including any partnering activities that have been publicly shared across the WorkSpan network. Partners with common interests, complementary expertise, interest in similar partner programs, and with alignment on shared business objectives can be easily matched.

More on Partner Profile

Sharing Templates with Partner Program Members

Partner program owners work with their company admins to configure specific opportunities, solution or other object templates that the program members must use when creating such objects in the program. These templates include custom fields and field values that are tailored to the program and may include required fields that partners must specify.

  • Within the template setup, there is an option to Share with Partner Programs
    • Select the partner program(s) where this template should be available 
  • All members of the selected partner programs will be able to access these templates in the drop-downs when they create the object.
  • When users leave the partner program or are withdrawn from the program, their access to the template is also removed.
  • If there is only 1 object template linked to a specific partner program, that becomes the default template when the user is creating the object from the program page. The user does not need to select the template and will be landed directly into the creation wizard. 

Additional Information

Creating a Partner Program - Enter your program objective; select industry, a region where you want to run your program and product and services associated with the program. See Creating a Partner Program

Adding Files/Links/Content Items and Tasks to a Partner Program, see Adding Files, Links/Content

Add Metrics to your Partner Program. See Adding, Editing, Deleting Metrics

Add more Assets to your Partner Program. See Adding Assets to Your Partner Program

Create and Assign tasks within a Partner Program. See Assigning Tasks

Sharing Your Partner Program

You can easily share a partner program with one or more of your partners for easy collaboration on a program.

If a partner program has been created in the Owner Mode, then, if you are an owner or a collaborator on a program, you can seamlessly share the program with your partners using WorkSpan's Share Partner Program feature.

If a partner program has been created in the Partner Mode, then, you can share a program as a participant too.

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