Create & Manage Tasks on Sales Plans


By leveraging task management on your sales plan, you can drive execution and move your team in the right direction efficiently.


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View Tasks

1. To view and add tasks on your Sales Plan, navigate to the Individual Sales PlanFor information about navigation, click here.

2. On the Individual Sales Plan Strategy section, click the “Tasks” tab on the left.

3. In the Tasks section, you can view all the tasks created for the Individual Sales Plan.

4. By default, the tasks are displayed in a list view. To view your tasks in a table view, click the “Table View” icon in the top left. To learn more about table views, click here.

Note: Your tasks are categorized by various levels of priority and status.


Create a Task

1. Hover over the Tasks section tab on the left to reveal the “+” button.

2. Click the “+” button to add a new task.

3. Enter the task summary, description, stage, status, priority, due date, and more.

4. Click the “Assigned to” field to assign the task to a member within the Individual Sales Plan.

5. Upload attachments, including files or links, by clicking the “Add” button next to the corresponding field.

6. Once done, click “Create”.


Create a Task Part 2

1. On the Individual Sales Plan Strategy section, select the “Add Item” dropdown on the left.

2. In the dropdown, click “Add Task”.

3. Enter all the task information and upload any attachments.

6. Once done, click “Create”.

7. You will be brought to the Tasks section within your Individual Sales Plan.


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