Adding Files, Links, Content Items & Tasks to a Partner Program


You can add one or more files, links, content items and tasks to partner programs for easy collaboration with your partners.


  1. Navigate to Home > Setup > Partner Programs.
  2. Go to the partner program to which you want to add files, links, content items and/or tasks.
  3. Click the Add Item dropdown from the left panel, and select amongst:
    1. Add File
    2. Add Link
    3. Link Existing
    4. Add Task
    5. Add Expense
    6. Add Solutions
    7. Add Opportunities
    8. Add Sales Plans
    9. Add Marketing Plans
    10. Add Activities
  4. If you select Add File, Add File window opens. Select the file source from the left side panel. If you want to add files from your local computer, select My Computer. You can either drag the files to the Add File window or click Choose Files and browse to the file that you want to add. If you want to add a file from a supported third party, select the appropriate option from the left panel and follow the prompts to connect to your third party account.
  5. If you select Add Link, Add New Link window opens. Enter Link Name and Link URL and other optional details and click Save.
  6. If you select Add Content Item, select one or more content items from the Content Library that you want to add.
  7. If you select Add Task, New Task window opens where you can enter your task details. See Adding Tasks
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