Updating an Asset from the Content Library


You can only update your linked content item assets from your content library.

You can update the description, key dates, team members and the associated companies on a content item asset.

You can also add asset details and custom fields to your asset.

Note: To update your added files/links, go to the Assets tab within an object, open the asset (file/link) and then edit.

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  1. Navigate to an asset that you want to update from the Content Library.
    Navigation: Home >Data >Content Library.

  2. You can update the description, key dates, team members and companies information.
  3. For an asset, you can also:
    1. Add asset details
    2. Add custom fields
  4. To add asset details: Select Asset Type; Asset Stage; Asset Journey; Asset Theme and enter Asset Audience and click Save.

  5. To view/update team members, go to the Team Members panel and hover to activate the pencil (edit) icon. (See Updating Team Members on Your Asset)
  6. In the Shared Companies panel, you can add one or more companies in your network to this asset and share your asset company wide. (See Sharing Your Asset Company Wide)
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