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You can track your progress towards revenue goals on a granular level with Opportunities. Opportunities link to Sales Plans and allow you to automatically calculate your revenue metrics in those Sales Plans. This gives you real-time reporting and makes you QBR-ready at a moment's notice.

Opportunity fields help you and your executive team track the data you need to extract strategic insights into what drives or blocks revenue generation for your company. And, you can manage your Opportunities in custom views, grouped by the values that are most important to you, so you're managing against your own custom priorities. More easily run cadence calls, QBRs, or internal reports managing your Opportunities in WorkSpan, and not in clunky, stale spreadsheets.


Quick Links:

  1. Navigate to Opportunities within a Sales Plan
  2. Create an Opportunity within a Sales Plan


Navigate to Opportunities within a Sales Plan

1. To view and add opportunities on your Sales Plan, navigate to the Individual Sales PlanFor more information about navigation, click here.

2. On the Individual Sales Plan Strategy section, click the “Opportunities” tab on the left.

3. In the Opportunities section, you can view all the opportunities created for the Individual Sales PlanBy default, the tasks are displayed in a table view. To learn more about opportunity table views, click here.

4. Once you have identified an Individual Opportunity that you wish to view more information about, click on the Individual OpportunityTo learn more about the Individual Opportunity Summary tab, click here.


Create an Opportunity within a Sales Plan

Nominating opportunities to your sales plan in WorkSpan is very simple; there are essentially two main paths in which opportunities are added to a plan.

With option number one, via CRM integration, you can import any number of opportunities. To learn more about CRM integration, click here.

1. Hover over the Opportunities section tab on the left to reveal the “+” button.

2. Click the “+” button.

3. Select “Add New” from the dropdown.

4. In the Create an Opportunity tab, you will fill out four key sections, including Define Opportunity, More Details, Link to Plans/Solutions, and Share Opportunity. 

Note: The Opportunity Template may vary based on your individual company needs. Feel free to contact your Network Success Manager to discuss your companies customization needs.

5. In the Define an Opportunity section, enter the opportunity name, partner engagement status, account name, and more.

6. Once done, click “Next”. 

7. In the More Details section, enter the industry, region, and product.

8. Once done, click “Next”.

Note: If you would like to skip option sections, click the “Create Opportunity” button at any point.

9. In the Link to Plans/Solutions section, select the plans or solutions which you want to associate with the opportunity.

10. Once done, click “Next”.

11. In the Share Opportunity section, enter the names or emails of people in your network under the Share with People field. By default, members will be added as Participants. To learn more about Access Levels, click here.

12. Under the Share with Companies field, you can also enter names of companies in your network with whom you want to share.

13. In the Settings fields under the Share Opportunity section, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the sales plan. Here’s more information about Sharing Modes, here.

14. You can check the Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as Participant box” if you would like to follow this action.

15. If at any point you would like to make changes and go back to a previous section, simply click the “Back” button.

16. Once done, click “Create Opportunity” to create your opportunity. Success! 

16. A confirmation message will appear upon the creation of your opportunity. Click “Go to Opportunity” to immediately jump into your newly created opportunity!


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