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You can easily share an opportunity with colleagues, regional or market unit leads at your company or at your partner's company for easy and timely collaboration, openness and for building trust.

1. To share the Opportunities within your Individual Sales Plan, navigate to the Individual Sales Plan Opportunity section. For more information about navigation, click here.

2. Within the Individual Sales Plan Opportunity section, your opportunities will be displayed in a table view. For information about table views, click here.

3. Select one, more, or all opportunities that you want to share by checking the checkbox next to the plans. Once selected, the Share Selected and Share All buttons are enabled.

4. Click “Share Selected” or “Share All”. Depending on your choice, the Share Selected or Share All tab will open.

5. Enter the names or emails of the people you wish to share the Sales Opportunity with.

6. If a person is already a member, you can choose to Update Access Level or Skip Member. 

7. Once names or emails have been added, the member names will populate below in the Share List section.

8. Members will automatically be added as Collaborators. However, you can change the member Access Level by selecting the “Dropdown” icon to the right of the member names. For more information about Access-Level rights and Sharing Settings, click here.

9. To delete a member, click the “Trash” button to the far right of the member name.

10. Next, click the “Skip Email Notifications” checkbox if you would like to opt-out of sending members notification emails.

11. Once completed, click “Done”.


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