Removing (Withdrawing) Members From Multiple or All Solutions


As an owner on multiple solutions, you can remove (withdraw) members from some or all solutions. You can do this on your Solutions Table View.


  1. Navigate to the Solutions Landing page and go to the table view.
  2. Select one, more, or all solutions that you want to remove members from by checking the checkbox corresponding to the solutions. Withdraw Selected and Withdraw From All buttons are enabled.

  3. Click Withdraw Selected or Withdraw From All. Corresponding Withdraw Selected/Withdraw From All window opens. Enter/Select names of members that you want to remove from the selected solutions.
  4. Notifications on how the bulk action will impact users is shown. The action depends on your role, the user's role and the sharing mode set on each solution.
  5. Click Done. 
Note: You can choose to skip email notifications by checking the Skip Email Notifications checkbox.
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