Create a Sales Plan


Create a Sales Plan

Align your colleagues and partners with expertly crafted Sales Plans. Concisely describe your plan, Goals and Accomplishments, and Metrics to track. Use Tasks and Comments to keep up the momentum on your motion, and know, at a moment's notice, the status of your Opportunities within that Plan. And, pulling strategic insights has never been easier than in WorkSpan with Custom Fields and essential data to understand what factors contribute to a Sales Plan's success or demise.



When you create a Sales Plan you can add all of your plan details such as name, stage, description, industry, region, objectives, key metrics, and more. 

1. Click the “+Plan” button on the WorkSpan Navigation Bar. This will open the Sales Plans tab.

2. The Sales Plans tab is made up of four key sections;

  • Define Plan
  • More Details
  • Define Metrics
  • Share Plan

Note: The Sales Plan Template may vary based on your individual company needs. Feel free to contact your Network Success Manager to discuss your companies customization needs.

3. In the Define Plan section, enter your Sales Plan Name, Sales Plan Stage, and Description.

4. Once done, click “Next”. 

5. In the More Details section, select one or more Industries, enter Regions, and type in an Objective for your sales plan.

6. Once done, click “Next”.

7. In the Define Metrics section, enter one or more metrics for your sales plan. First, select your Metric Name from the dropdown. Then, your metrics can include details such as Metric Type (Number or Currency), Goals, Access Rights, and Calculated or Manually Tracked Results.

8. Under Access Control, you can make this a Shared Metric, shared with your internal team and partners, or a Private Metric, shared only with your internal team.

9. Once done, click “Next”.

10. In the Share Plan section, enter the names or emails of people in your network under the Share with People field. And, Under the Share with Companies field, you can also enter names of companies in your network with whom you want to share.

11. In the Settings fields under the Share Plan section, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the sales plan. Here’s more information about Sharing Modes, here.

12. You can check theAllow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as Participant box” if you would like to follow this action.

13. If at any point you would like to make changes and go back to a previous section, simply click the “Back” button. 

14. Then, click “Create Plan” to create your plan. Success!

15. A confirmation message will appear upon the creation of your plan. Click “Go to Plan” to immediately jump into your newly created Sales Plan!


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