Setting up Objectives & Accomplishments on your Sales Plans & Solutions


You can setup your joint objectives, i.e, define the KPIs and goals for each KPI for your joint sales plan or solution.

Examples of KPIs include, # Opportunities, # Closed Deals, Pipeline Revenue/ARR, Closed Revenue/ARR, etc.  You can have different metrics for each sales plan or solution.

You can also add/update accomplishments to your sales plan/solution to view the gradual progress towards the objectives of your sales plan/solution. You might also want to enter your partner's contribution as an accomplishment.


  1. Navigate to the sales plan or solution to which you want to add/edit one or more objectives and/or accomplishments.
  2. In the Objectives and Accomplishments section, click the pencil icon that is highlighted on hovering in the section.
  3. Edit Shared Objectives and Accomplishments screen opens. Click +Objective and/or +Accomplishment to enter an objective or accomplishment.

  4. After entering details for an objective and/or an accomplishment, click Save.
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