Adding Audience Information to your Sales Plans & Solutions


Understanding your target audience demographic is essential for success. Being cognizant of their roles, goals, industries, functions and departments helps you align your sales plan's or solution's objectives with your audience needs.

You can add granular audience information to your sales plan/solution to provide more context to the team working on the successful execution of the sales plan/solution.


  1. Navigate to the sales plan/solution to which you want to add audience information.
  2. Click the Audience Information button.  Add/Edit Audience Information screen opens.

  3. Select the Audience Profile, e.g, Customer, Partner, Developer, Influencer or an Employee.
  4. Select the Audience Seniority e.g, Individual, Manager, Director, VP, etc.
  5. Select the Audience Role e.g, Partner Manager, VP Alliances, Alliance Director, etc.
  6. Select one or more Industries e.g, Utilities, Telecommunications, IT, High Tech, Etc.
  7. Enter one or more Regions e.g, US.
  8. Enter one or more Market Units.
  9. Enter one or more Countries.
  10. Select Functions/Departments e.g, Finance, Marketing etc.
  11. Click Save.
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