Introduction to Joint Solutions


In WorkSpan's Solutions App, you can create joint solutions with your partners in a shared cloud environment to coordinate, contribute, review, approve, and release new solutions. 

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Navigate to the Joint Solution Application

  1. Navigate to your Joint Solutions through the Navigation Bar at the top.
  2. This will bring you to the Solutions Overview page where you get a bird’s eye view of your joint solutions across all of your partner relationships and stay on top of key details and dates.

On the left side of the landing page you can view all of the Solutions in the following categories:

  • My Solutions: solutions created by you and accepted by you.
  • Shared with Me: solutions that have been shared with you, but not yet accepted by you. Don’t forget to accept the invite in your inbox!
  • Shared With <your company>: solutions shared with your company.
  • Archived Plans: all archived solutions. These can be unarchived or deleted, to learn more click here.

Once you have identified an Individual Solution that you wish to view more information about, click on the Individual Solution.

Create a Solution

To learn how to create a solution, click here.

1. When you create a Solution you can add all of your plan details such as name, industry, region, sharing settings, key dates, and more.

2. Click the “+Solution” button on the WorkSpan Navigation Bar. This will open the Create a Solutions tab.

Note: The Solution Template may vary based on your individual company needs. Feel free to contact your Network Success Manager to discuss your companies customization needs.

3. The Create a Solutions tab, enter the Solution Name, Description, and Sharing Settings.

4. In the Settings fields, choose a sharing mode based on who you want should share the solution. Here’s more information about Sharing Modes, here.

5. You can check the “Allow employees of your company or active partners to join without invitation as Participant box” if you would like to follow this action.

6. Depending on your partner or company settings, you may have more details to fill out for your solution; including products, services, industries, regions, LOB, market units, and more!

7. Once you have filled out all of the details in your designated section, click "Next".

8. Depending on your partner or company settings, you may have additional details to fill out for your solution; including key dates, certification verification, partner business manager, and more!

9. Once you have filled out all of the details in your designated section, click "Next".

10. Depending on your partner or company settings, you may need to add new members to your solution. To add a new member, simply click the "Add New Member" button.

11. Under the Member column, enter the names or emails of people in your network.

12. Under the Role column, set the member access level. To learn more about access levels, click here.

13. Once done, click “Save” to create your solution. Success, you have created Solution!

14. A confirmation message will appear upon the creation of your solution. Click “Go to Solution” to immediately jump into your newly created Solution!

15. After creating a solution, the next step is to attach the opportunities that should be associated with it. You can add new or link existing opportunities. Click here to learn how to add an Opportunity.

16. Assessments can also be linked and added to your solution. To learn how to take an assessment, click here.


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