Best Practice: Joint Solutions Stages


A Solution is a product or service that provides tangible, measurable business benefits for a business problem. To learn how to create a Solution in WorkSpan, us this step-by-step guide.

Solutions in WorkSpan were designed to help you accelerate your time to develop Joint Solutions with partners, and even make it easier to immediately launch sales motions for your Joint Solutions. 

With WorkSpan, you and your partner(s) can easily and automatically track the progress and success of your go-to-market Solution using Solution Stages. WorkSpan's default Solutions stages are: Ideate, Idea Validation, Product Prep, Produce, Launch, and Sale.

Each stage has been expertly created to provide the best value to you and your partner(s).



Explore + Validate

Ideate: Identify market opportunities to explore with Partner, aligned with joint strategy.

Idea Validation: Validate market opportunities & build initial support for the development of a joint solution.


Product Prep: Implement the solution plan and engage initial customers.

Produce: Develop a joint solution plan and agree to implement with a Partner.

In Market

Launch: Build internal awareness for a solution in key geos and deploy enablement assets, easily managed in one place.

Scale: Expand solution success to broader markets and customers.


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