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You can share Sales Plans with specific People and/or Companies in WorkSpan. In addition to those sharing levels, you can set the Sharing Mode of a Sales Plan upon creation of the Sales Plan. See here how to Create a Sales Plan.

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  1. Share a Single Solution
  2. Share Many Solutions in Bulk

For even MORE information about how to share a solution, click here.

Share a Single Solution

You can easily share a solution with colleagues at your company or your partner's company for easy and timely collaboration, openness and for building trust. To learn how to share your solution in a Step-By-Step guide, click here.

Owner Mode: Only an owner can add new users or companies. The owner can also whitelist Companies for employees to find and request to join the Solution in Company Sharing Settings.

Partner Mode: All members can share with new users and companies. However, members can only grant access level equivalent to or below their own access levels.


Share Many Solutions in Bulk

Sharing solutions in bulk allows you to complete quick and efficient tasks. To learn how to BULK share your solution in a Step-By-Step guide, click here.


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