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  1. Add an Expense to a Solution
  2. Manage Expenses in a Table View in Expenses Section

Track your Expenses and Solution budget directly in your Solution. Expenses and budget allow you to measure the ROI of your solution. You can proactively manage your solution funds, so you're not over or under-drawing. And, provide your partners with clarity and confidence with transparent tracking and communication of expenses. Some common Expenses include office supplies, utilities, equipment, food, meetings, administrative services, and legal fees, etc.

The WorkSpan Expenses section has collaborative functionality for all members on your solution to review and communicate on solution budget and status, instead of over out-of-date spreadsheets. 


Add an Expense to a Solution

To add an expense item to a solution, click the "Add Item" button within your Individual Solution. With WorkSpan, you can log and track all of your solution expense items in one place by uploading and attaching Contracts, Invoices, and Payments. To learn how to add an expense, click here.


Manage Expenses in a Table View in Expenses Section

Once you have added an expense item to your Individual Solution, the Expenses section will appear in your Individual Solution. Under the Expenses tab, you can automatically track your solutions total Unit Price, Paid Amount, Invoiced Amount, Estimated Amount, and Contracted Amount. 

In WorkSpan, all of your solution expenses are displayed in a spreadsheet-like Table View allowing you to quickly search and group expenses. With WorkSpan Table Views, you can easily configure, customize, and save your views for easy searching and reporting. To learn more about table views, click here.


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