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Your Solutions are displayed in a spreadsheet-like Table View in WorkSpan so you can quickly search and group Solutions. With WorkSpan Table Views, you can easily configure, customize, and save your views for easy searching and reporting. 


Customize Table Views

Here's a step-by-step guide about how to use table views.

WorkSpan provides many standard Table Views (i.e. Group by Region, Partner, Industry, and more). However, you can also save your custom-made views and find them later in the Saved Views icon menu. To learn more about Saved Views, click here.

Table Views are customizable and function just like spreadsheets;


Summary Tab in Table Views

The power behind WorkSpan's dynamic table views is the ability to view all of your Solution data from one screen. Click any Individual Solution in the Table View to see the Solution's preview tab. Here, you can set the Solution stage and view all the details of your Solution, including metrics, objectives, key dates, comments, activity, and more without even leaving the page! 


Create Custom Metrics with Table Views

You can create custom solution metrics in any Plan, Program, or Solution in WorkSpan. If you'd like to see any data grouped by its associated solution, create a solutions Custom Table View. That table view can be used as the Metric source for calculation. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to create custom Metrics.


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Manage Solutions in Table Views

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