Link Solutions to your Sales Plans with Solution Opportunities


WorkSpan enables you to track revenue generated from your Solutions via the Sales Plans and Opportunities associated with them. Get a firm grip on the ROI on a Solution by linking Opportunities to your Solutions. Opportunities can originate from Sales Plans or be tracked on the Solutions themselves.

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  1. Solution Opportunities
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Solution Opportunities

In WorkSpan, you can create, collaborate, share, and track opportunities for your Joint Solutions. Opportunities associated with your Solution flow through your Solution workflow. Click here to learn more about Opportunities. 

By default, the stages for your Solution Opportunities include Identified, Joint Account Planning, Engaged, Converted to Opportunity, Won, On-Hold, and Discontinued. The power of WorkSpan is that you can customize and configure your Opportunity workflow. Once questions or tasks are completed, your Opportunity stage is automatically moved to the next stage. To enable this feature, contact WorkSpan Support.

To learn how to manage your Opportunities, click here. 


Link an Existing Opportunity to a Solution

View all aspects of your Solution and ROI all in one place by linking Solutions and Opportunities in WorkSpan. If you have created an opportunity independently of your Solution, you can easily link the two. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to link an existing Opportunity. 


Link an Opportunity in your Solution to Sales Plans

A single Opportunity can be linked to your Solution(s) and Sales Plan(s). This allows you to track the progress of your Opportunity throughout all stages of your pipeline and all aspects of your alliance relationship. Linking Opportunities to your Solutions allows you to track the pipeline and ROI of Solutions. Click here to learn how to link a Solution to an opportunity from within a Sales Plan. 

1. To link Opportunities, locate the Individual Opportunity you wish to link and click to open the Summary Tab

2. In the Summary Tab, select the "Used In" section and select whether you would like to link Solutions and/or Plans. 

3. Select the Solutions and/or Plans from the dropdown menu and click "Add".

4. If you already have Solutions and/or Plans linked to the Opportunity, click the "Open" button on the bottom right. This will automatically bring you directly into the Individual Opportunity.

5. Hover over the Solutions and/or Plans tab on the left to reveal the "Edit" icon. 

6. Click the "Edit" icon to open the Edit Linked Solution/Plans tab.

7. Select the Solutions and/or Plans from the dropdown menu and click "Add".


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