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It can take forever to find and manicure the data you need to report on your team’s efforts. The process only takes time and focus away from your actual work. But, with WorkSpan, you can seamlessly and quickly generate in-depth reports on what’s happening across all of your Joint Solutions. Here's an overview of WorkSpan reports.

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WorkSpan Reports Overview

Solution Reports allow you and your partners to view data across one or more fields, metrics, and solutions. Some examples of Solution reports you can create in WorkSpan are a report on the number of solutions, expected revenue by solution, and total contract value. 

To view and create a report, navigate to Reports application from the main navigation menu. The Reports app allows you to see your reports in a list view and add new reports. Each report is automatically updated when the report is refreshed. If you would like to clone a previously made report, learn how to with this step-by-step guide.


Create a Joint Solution Report

Be QBR-Ready every day with real-time reporting in WorkSpan. Click here to learn how to create a report for joint solutions.

1. To create a Joint Solution Report, navigate to the Reports Application within WorkSpan.

2. Click "Add Report" and select the "Joint Solutions Report" from the dropdown menu. 

3. After you have entered basic information about your report, you will be prompted to link your Solutions to the report. Within the Select Solutions/Programs section, add each solution within the Select Solutions field. Once completed with all sections of the Report template, click "Create". 

Note: To bulk add Solutions, click the "Select By Advanced Search" button at the top of the template.


Custom Table Views for Joint Solution Reports

When you create a new report, you must choose which Solution(s) to include in your report. Once you have selected the Solution(s) you would like to report on, you have the ability to even sort Solution(s) data in a Table View to further adjust the data shown in the report.

You can use a standard view provided by WorkSpan. Or, you can create a customized table view to save for later and use in your Joint Solution report. If you already have customized your Table View, find your customized view under the "Save View" icon. To learn more about Solution Table Views, click here.


Clone a Report to Build Off of It

With WorkSpan, you can clone a previously made report to then build a new one off of it. When cloning a report, all of the selected solutions or dynamic query criteria are copied by default. However, you can choose whether or not you would like to copy the Shared with People, Shared with Companies, and/or Saved Views and Charts elements of the report. Learn how to clone your report with this step-by-step guide.

Note: You can only clone a report if you have Owner Access Rights. To learn more about access levels for reports, click here.


Joint Solution Report Charts

Create a Solution Report Chart

WorkSpan allows you to visualize your reports with charts. To do this, navigate to the charts section of your Solution report and click "+ Chart"Click here to learn how to create a chart for your Solution report.

When creating a chart, you will be prompted to enter the Chart Name, Type, Variables, Values, Size, and more. Once you are satisfied with the chart, click "Save Chart".


Solution Report Chart Types

When creating a chart, you can choose from 13 different visualizations for your chart, including;


Depending on the data and report that you want to create, choose the chart type that best meets your needs. To learn more about the different chart types, click here.

Pro Tip: A Guage chart type is best for identifying a single key value and to report on a Solution's penetration in a region within the last quarter. We also recommend using a Line or Column chart type to analyze trends in your data set and a Geo chart type to report on your Solutions by country.


Rearrange and Export Solution Report Charts

After you have created charts for your Solution, you can rearrange the Chart Layout, Download, Export, and Print your report charts. All of these charts are downloadable as a PNG or PDF, so you’re always QBR-ready. To learn how to download your charts, click here.



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