Editing a Partner Program


As an owner on a partner program, you can edit the program to add/update the following fields on a partner program:

  • Partner Program Name and Description
  • Partner Program Overview
  • Add more partner program materials
  • Re order your partner program materials
  • Select and Arrange Get Started actions such as Create Solution; Create Opportunity; Create Sales Plan, Find Partners, Find Solutions, Find Sales Plans, Upload Assets.


  1. Click to open the Partner Program that you want to edit. The Partner Program opens. To edit, click the pencil icon.
  2. Edit Partner Program screen opens.
  3. You can update the partner program name and description.
  4. You can also add/update the Partner Program Overview with one or more assets.
  5. To add a content item (enablement materials, training guides etc.) to your Partner Program Overview:
    1. Create the content item in the Content Library. See Adding an Asset
    2. Select the content item from the Add Item dropdown. See Adding Content Items etc.
    3. Click Next.
    4. You can select up to six materials for each partner program.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Now you can select and arrange up to six Get Started Actions such as Create Solution, Create Opportunity, Create Sales Plan and Find Partners, Find Solutions, Find Sales Plans, Upload Assets.
  6. Click Save.
  7. To update Team Members, See Managing Team Members and Access Levels.
  8. To update Companies, See Edit Sharing with Companies.
  9. To update Key Dates, See Entering/Updating Key Dates.
  10. To add Comments, See Adding Comments to Partner Programs.
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