Navigating the WorkSpan Mobile App


When you login, you can:

View all Key Dates to see what’s coming up. You can filter on Key Dates too.


You can access all your Opportunities, the WorkSpan Help Center and the Alliance Aces Community via the hamburger.gif icon.

You can also search for your Opportunities by keywords and filter by access levels-Owner, Collaborator, Participant or Viewer.



View all your:

Incoming Requests (Approvals, Invitations and Endorsements)

Go to the Requests icon to see all your requests such as Approvals; Endorsements; and Invitations

Click the ApprovalsInvitations, or Endorsements tabs to toggle between these sections. You can complete activities including:

  • Approve or reject one or more requests such as a funding request or a claim request.
  • Accept or decline one or more invitations.
  • Endorse or decline requests for endorsement.



Due Tasks

Click the Tasks button to see all the tasks created by you; assigned by you; or assigned to you.

Swipe the task to mark the task as Done.


Inbound Messages and Comments

Click the Inbox button to view all your direct messages and all your comments.

Within your Inbox, click the Messages tab to send direct messages to anyone in your ecosystem.

Within your Inbox, click the Comments tab to view all comments and send comments in the thread.


Notifications of Actions

Click the Notifications button to view all your notifications related to your Sales Plans, Solutions, Funds, and/or Campaigns. All your notifications are filtered, in real time and each notification includes a brief description, date/time of action and an associated team member.


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